Exciting tech trends for 2015

The saying goes that by the time you see a bandwagon, its too late to get on it. But what will be next years bandwagons? We can’t say for sure, but here is a list of exciting technology which will make 2015 more fun!

Object storage

Object storage is the concept of storing files in the same way that you store data in a database. Rather than a file browser, the system can store a file anywhere and retrieve it by finding its ID and looking up its location. This will be essential for the next generation of cloud storage systems. Its worth money because it reduces admin staff massively, saves time and uses storage efficiently. For a more in depth explaination read this:  http://t.co/4RY7iVGLl6 

Cloud operating systems

These have been around for a while, not exactly the next big thing, but more an old idea done in a new way. Thinking about software and applications as cloud based rather than installs on local machines is clearly the way forward. Here are some examples you can use for free : http://t.co/iiKSSWthmH 


The Internet of Things is going to be a HUGE step forward for computing. If you haven’t already read about it, its the concept of networking everyday objects such a shoes, toothbrushes, plant pots, heating, oven etc… So these things can report data and be controlled remotely. Sounds like a joke right!? Well some major analysts claim its going to be worth more money over the next 3 years than tablets, phones, cloud storage and wearable devices COMBINED! Here is IDC’s prediction : http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24138513

Wearable devices (last years biggest bandwagon)

70% of ALL funding raised by companies last year was invested into wearable technology! Too late to jump on this bandwagon, Google, Android and Apple are all over it, but worth considering for any application that is written from now on – how will it work on wearable?

Here is Forbes take on Wearable tech for business: http://www.forbes.com/sites/salesforce/2014/09/07/wearable-tech-business/ 

Wireless charging 

Wireless charging has been in development for some time, but we are yet to see it implemented in most devices. The jury is still out on the exact wireless power tech which will emerge as the “industry standard”, but it basically works by inducing an electric current from one device to another via magnetic field. If you want to go back to basics and understand the technology, read this article : http://www.wired.com/2014/09/the-physics-of-wireless-charging/ 

We could go on, but before we start talking about hoverboards and that flying car we’ve been promised every year for the last two decades, lets just hope all the above gets perfected next year!

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